Drawing Cartoons

Drawing Cartoon Courses

Drawing Cartoon Courses

The heart of the Drawing Cartoon Course consists of three high quality videos. All videos together are over 2 hours and 20 minutes long.

There is also a PDF document that lists the shortcut keys. There are three custom brushes and an intro video welcoming you into the training course and showing you how to install the brushes into Corel Painter.

If you Don’t Have a Corel Painter!

If you do not have Corel Painter no problem. If you decide to purchase this program, there is a link to where you can download a trial version of Corel Painter for free. So this way you can get started right away. If you want, download the trial version right now! Corel Painter Trial

If You Only Have Adobe Photoshop!

If you only have Adobe Photoshop, that is ok too. Everything in the three videos can be applied in Photoshop as well. All of the concepts are the same.

Take a look at the Cartoon Paint Course Here

Sample Drawings:

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