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How To Draw Realistic Eyes Step By Step

How To Draw Realistic Eyes Step By Step

Drawing Eyes Step By Step

NOTE: This tutorial on how to draw eyes is brought to you by “Realistic Pencil Portrait Mastery Home Study Course“.

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In this portrait tutorial, we are going to focus on how to draw human eyes realistically. Drawing eyes in pencil can be one of the hardest part of portrait drawing. Improperly executed drawings of eyes can throw of an otherwise completely realistic portrait drawing.

If you struggle with achieving a likeness of your subject in your pencil portrait drawings, you should focus on making your eyes more realistic. That’s because the eyes are the most expressive part of the face and it is also where people will focus on the most.

In this portrait drawing tutorial, I’m going to show you how to draw an eye step by step so that you won’t get overwhelmed by the whole process.

Alright! Let’s get started. Just follow the steps below and you’ll do great. (Note: The pencil drawings of eyes below are meant to be viewed from left to right.)

How To Draw Eyes

More examples from other Artists:


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