How To Draw People

Learn to Easily Draw People

Learn to Easily Draw People

Learning to draw people doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated.  Are you looking to learn?  This site is dedicated to providing you resources, lessons, guides, and other instructions on how to draw people.  Our goal is to make it easy and fun.

Different artists have different goals, and each of you reaching this site probably has different expectations as well.  Some of you may be new artists looking to learn how to draw and need basic instruction and technique.  We will provide you with great articles and resources to give you step by step instructions.

Others may be reading this as accomplished artists of other subjects, but want to find tune your ability to draw people, whether it be how to draw figures, cartoons, caricatures, portraits, or manga art.  Again there is a large amount of help available for you as well in regards to instruction, technique, and examples in improving your ability to draw people.

Drawing people is one of the most fascinating of subjects.  The main focus is on understanding the human form, and forgetting your pre-conceived notions of human shape and structure.  With a small amount  of instruction and perspective on human form, it then just becomes a matter of practice, which needs to be fun and something you enjoy.

Sample Images on how to draw People:

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