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Learning How To Sketch – Back To The Basics

Learning How To Sketch – Back To The Basics

Remember when you first started sketching? Was it a long time ago or maybe not so long ago (if you’re my age it was a looong time ago  ) and with a crayon or did you start sketching with a pencil? Either way it was and maybe still is something that you enjoy. It was a way to express yourself and put your thoughts and imagination on paper. Learning how to sketch is fun and creative whether you’re learning how to sketch cartoons , animals, people or whatever you like.

Learning the basics of how to sketch can be fun along with sharpening your skills so you can become a better artist. Just remember that when you’re sketching it doesn’t have to be perfect as if you are being graded. Sketching is just you using a pencil and paper to be creative and not worrying about making mistakes, especially since you can easily erase anything you don’t like.

So let’s get started to learn how to sketch covering some basic techniques with a few advanced techniques sprinkled in for good measure.


How To Sketch – The Basics


When you first start a sketch it is a good idea to lightly draw your lines in case you need to erase any later on. A big mistake a lot of people do when they first start the outline of a sketch is they typically press down to hard with their pencil thus creating a dark line and an indention in the paper. This will not only be hard to erase later on but may damage the paper because of the indention created. Start your sketch with a harder lead pencil or just not press down to hard when you’re doing the rough outline.

Use basic shapes if you have a hard time drawing an object. When you first learn how to sketch people or other objects a lot of beginners (and some more advanced artists) have a hard time getting the sketch to look like what they are drawing. One way to get your sketch started is to break down the drawing using basic shapes. Here is an example of how to draw lips using a rectangle, oval, circle and some other basic shapes:

Make sure to visualize how you want your final drawing to look on your paper before starting your sketch in order to avoid coming too close to the edge of the paper or even worse, running out of room. Visually lay out how you want the sketch to look on paper then lightly draw the outline making sure to stay within an imaginary border. If you need to, refer back to the using basic shapes guidelines to help you create a framework to keep your drawing from running to close or off the edge of your paper.


Along with visualizing to keep your drawing on the paper, another handy tip on how to sketch is to start your drawing with the bigger details first then as your drawing progresses you can fill in the smaller details later. This will help to keep your drawing looking more consistent because you are able to focus on the drawing as a whole. Sometimes when sketching a person might get lost in the details and the drawing will end up looking un-balanced so it’s better to start big then work on the smaller aspects later as the drawing progresses.


Take your time when sketching. There is no time limit when it comes to creativity. I know sometimes you might get stuck, kind of like writers block, so instead of getting frustrated and feeling like you’re on some kind of schedule walk away – take a break. Come back when you feel better and if you still can’t get past that roadblock, set your sketch to the side and come back to it at a later date.


Learning how to sketch is an ongoing skill that hopefully you will always be progressing and picking up new techniques in order to reach your goal, whatever that might be. Just remember to have fun and use your imagination. If you would like to learn even more sketching techniques from a person who has taught literally thousands of people and has helped them to reach levels that they didn’t think they could achieve then I would highly suggest you check out Christopher Sia’s home study course:

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