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Pencil Drawing Tutorials For Beginners And Advanced

Pencil Drawing Tutorials For Beginners And Advanced


These pencil drawing tutorials are intended for the beginner but can also be used by people who are more advanced in order to brush up on your basic techniques or to just improve your current skills. Drawing has been around for a long time and many people use it as a form of self-expression,  as a creative outlet, or just for the fun of it.

Whatever your reason for drawing, these pencil drawing tutorials for beginners are designed to help you either get started or to help you improve your skills. They are not the ‘one and only way’ to draw because there are many techniques that are taught and there is no such thing as a written in stone way of drawing. Mainly because most everybody has their own style that they develop over a period of time.

Of course there are many online drawing tutorials that you will find that have some tips and techniques in common. This is because there are some things you can avoid in order to save yourself from headaches later on (see 6 Important Pencil Drawing Lessons & 6 Essential Pencil Drawing Techniques)  and some things you can do to help make your drawings better.

So let’s get started and have some fun!

Drawing Tutorials:


In this first lesson I am going to do a cartoon drawing tutorial of how to draw a cowboy and as you will see it is nothing fancy or complicated. Just a simple drawing to help you see how to use basic shapes to get your drawing started.

Step 1:

Looking at this basic sketch can you pick out the shapes that are used? Let’s start with the cowboy’s hat. The basic shapes that are used are an oval for the brim, rectangle and triangle for the top of the hat. The head is an oval and the shirt collars are triangles. The cross-hair in the center of the face is to help with the alignment of the facial features.

Step 2:

The next step in this drawing tutorial is to add features to the face such as eyes, nose and forehead details. Also the ears and bandana are added. All of these features still use basic shapes, such as the oval, circle, triangle and rectangle. Make sure to use the cross-hair as a reference in order to get the nose and eyes in proportion.

Step 3:

In this final step, is where you will add all of the details and clean it up in order for it to have a clean finished look. Fill in the hair, add eyebrows,  finish the bandana, add details to the eyes and ears, and to add depth / expression add wrinkles to the forehead and creases around the eyes.  Also, go back and erase any lines that aren’t needed along with darkening any that need to be darkened.

Puppy Drawing Tutorial:

In this drawing tutorial, you will learn how to draw a puppy using basic shapes to get the outline started then as you progress in the drawing you will fill in the details. Follow the instructions below and have fun!

As you can see in these cartoon drawing tutorials for beginners there are many basic shapes that can be used in order to assist you in your drawing efforts, especially if you are having a hard time either starting a drawing or making it look right. Just remember to take your time, be patient and practice whenever you can in order to improve your drawing skills.

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